Round 1: Online Assessment

Duration: March 20 – June 29

  • You have 45 minutes to complete 35 multiple choice questions for two times. The final result will be the time with higher scores.
  • This test aims to assess participants’ abilities in: Logical Reasoning, Numerical, Verbal Reasoning and Cognitive.
  • The test questions will cover knowledge of different fields, including Economics, Sociology, IQ, EQ, etc.
  • Based on the scores and the completion time, organizing team will choose 50 students with the highest scores to participate in the next round and Top 100 students will be invited to the Sharing and Networking event with industry experts who are our MBA Talent 2019 partners

Round 2: Application Package

Duration: July 5 – July 12,including 2 parts: 

Part 1: Candidates are required to submit application package including:

  • A professional CV with personal photo and information about working experience, academic level (acquired degree and certificates), language level (English level, other language), skills (soft skills and technical skills), other achievements
  • A motivation letter which clearly define the academic study goal & commitment
  • Coloured scanned English proficiency certificate
  • Coloured scanned of highest degree
  • Coloured scanned of other related documents

Part 2: Writing test – problem solving 

  • General case study to demonstrate candidate critical thinking skills, strong business knowledge, and writing skills.
  • Submission requirements: PDF file, font Times New Roman 12, not more than 1 page, margin 1 inch (2.54 cm) on top, bottom, left, right.

After round 2, the judges will choose 10 candidates based on qualifications, English proficiency, working experience, and study motivation.
10 candidates will be selected to the interview round
Other candidates who are not selected to the next round will be considered to offer partial tuition scholarships if the submissions are qualified.

Round 3: Final Round

Time: July 21

  • You will be invited to sit in an intensive interview with senior representatives from Western Sydney University and our partner MNCs.
  • Successful candidates are expected to skillfully handle the interview cases and situations.
  • The champion and other runner-ups will be selected based on candidates’ ability and study goal, and motivation

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NOTE: Each person has maximum 02 times to do the test. If you has done it 01 time, then you can access the given link to take the test for the second time.

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  • Timeline MBA Talent
  • Registration Process
  • Who should attend?
  1. You are a fresh graduate or have working experience in business fields (e.g Economics, Business Administration & Management, Marketing, etc.), or non-business fields (e.g: Engineering, Medical & Pharma, etc.)
  2. You would like to pursue higher education in an international recognized prestigious university in Australia.
  3. You are dedicated employee who seeks to broaden your knowledge in order to advance to future promotions and add more edges to your personal competitiveness.
  4. You want to expand your network and learn from executives and senior professionals of various multinational corporations and top ranked companies in Vietnam and the region.

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Deadline for application:
June 29th, 2019

If you have any questions, please
contact us via