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Western Sydney University (WSU)

Western Sydney University is a world-class university with a growing international reach and reputation for academic excellence and impact-driven research. At Western Sydney University, graduates are equipped for more than a career. We are unlocking the potential of the next generation of global citizens, leaders and change-makers. All courses are tailored to give students the skills and knowledge needed to be ready for job and to have a thriving career. It’s why no other university prepares students for what employers are looking for in graduates, better than Western.

University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH)

University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) is an amazing environment that provide   students with high-quality training programs in Economics, Business, Management and Law; at the same time, transfer the results of scientific research into practice, contributing to the development of human resources to serve the national industrialization and modernization in the context of global economic integration.

The International School of Business (ISB)

As part of UEH, the International School of Business was established to create a world-class, modern and dynamic educational environment. Its training programs are continuously updated to match the demands of employers and the challenges of the global workplace. Its faculty, including competent and experienced Vietnamese lecturers, who have studied overseas for years, as well as professors from the world’s most renowned universities, helps to enhance teaching quality, supplies the students with a range of practical experience and prepares them well for the future. 



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