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The Master of Business Administration or MBA is one of the top finding result after graduated programs in Vietnam. This is a study program to help students improve their knowledge about business, marketing, finance, human resources and accounting, etc. However, financial problems are always a worry that many people encounter when they intend to study MBA. And an MBA scholarship as a “savior” will help you to erase this worry and concern. The following article will help you better understanding about MBA scholarships!


Cost to study MBA

Depending on the training institution and each type of training, the MBA tuition fees are different. Normally, transnational education program with foreign countries such as the US, UK, Germany, France, Australia … will have a tuition of several hundred million dong/ course. With a number of well-known MBA programs in the country such as National Economics University, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Foreign Trade University or private schools such as Hoa Sen University, FPT University all have tuition fees around above 100 million dong / course. This is not a small number for many people in need today, especially those new graduates.

MBA Scholarship
In the face of increasing demand for MBA and high cost of study, MBA scholarship is always the first solution that every student always thinks. To achieve this scholarship, students must have excellent academic achievement. Usually, there are 2 forms of scholarship application.

Applying scholarships during the study process:
Students who participate in the MBA program will be assessed for their academic performance each term. Students with outstanding academic achievements will be awarded scholarships after the end of each term. The scholarship will normally be 10% – 50% of the tuition fee per course (depending on the study program).

Applying scholarships at the beginning:
This scholarship is applied before students official enrollment. Applicants who want to receive this scholarship must register their applications before the program starts. After that, your application will be approved and you must go through the interview and qualification tests. Going through that process, you will receive scholarships corresponding to your abilities. This scholarship usually ranges from 10% -100% depending on the program.

Understanding the need, at the present the University of Western Sydney (Australia) and the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City – International School of Business coordinate to organize the “Talent Searching – MBA Talent 2019” contest. This is a program organized with an international selection model. Through 3 rounds of challenge, you will have the opportunity to receive the prize of a full MBA scholarship worth $ 14,400 of the University of Western Sydney (Australia).

In particular, studying MBA at Western Sydney University, students are not required to have work experience. You also do not need to have knowledge or experience in the business field. The program is designed to help you start learning from the most basic problems and thereby accumulate, build for you a solid foundation of knowledge. No matter where you are on your path to success, the curriculum will take you to new heights.

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June 29th, 2019

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