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In the context of continuous and increasingly competitive business environment, many entrepreneurs and managers have difficulty in lack of high-level management knowledge. In fact, the high level manager market is still in “thirst” and most candidates with international MBA degrees are welcomed by recruitment agencies. It is not difficult to see the value of a MBA program in the rapidly developing economy.

Understanding the urgent need to cultivate advanced knowledge and skills of Vietnam’s human resources at the present, Western Sydney University – the top 2% of the World University, has collaborated with ISB International School of Business- University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, to award 80 Master Business scholarships to outstanding talented candidates.

So what’s the specialty of Western Sydney MBA program?

In order to have a more comprehensive view of the MBA program from Western Sydney, check out some of the alumni’s thought and sharing from famous multinational corporations such as Samsung, Nestlé, Suntory Pepsico, Navigos, …:

Nguyen Minh Quan ( Product Marketing Manager – Samsung )

“To me, MBA is not a destination but a journey, which is not only challenging but also super fascinating. This could be called once-in-a-lifetime experience, when you strive every single day to meet the deadlines, feel released after reaching key milestones and try to save your precious time for sleep at the same time. But after all, you earn huge amount of new knowledge, adopt new experiences, see and learn things from different perspectives, or just simply learn new cultures and make new friends 🙂 “

Mai Doan Thuy Diem (Internal Control Manager – Sales sector at Suntory Pepsico)

” Funny, Flooded with homework,but Fruitful – that what I can say about MBA Talent 2018. It’s really so much fun when coming back to school time and study with many young, cute and talented classmates from various companies. “Will you be very busy with class schedule?” – Yes, you may be surprised with tons of homework, but the key thing is that you are not alone and it’s really worth. The take-away from MBA Talent program are not only academic business knowledge, golden working experiences exchanged but also one of most wonderful time in your life. So my question for you is “Are you ready?”


Vo Thi Ngoc My ( Team Leader of Business Development & Strategies – Navigos ):

” Studying Western Sydney MBA program is one of my meaningful experiences. The professors are not only rich in knowledge but also create a competitive learning environment where we can maximize our logical ability, share from the work experience of each person and apply it to practice. My classmates are the motivation for me to strive more because they are intelligent, extremely proactive but very friendly and open-minded. Last but not least, networking is the benefit that you will get in the long run even after graduation.”


Vo Ngoc Quynh Anh ( HRBP – Samsung )

MBA Talent program is one of the things I’m most grateful for in my professional life. Not only does it give me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge in different business functions, it also connects me with the experienced and enthusiastic professors as well as my talented classmates from diverse backgrounds. The biggest challenge in pursuing the MBA that I have is how to balance my time for work and study. But, at the end, it is worth as it allows me to challenge myself, enlarge my horizons, extend my professional network and, most importantly, make me understand the winning spirits.”


The MBA Talent competition has 4 years organized and gathered many talented candidates to win the full Master’s scholarship of Western Sydney University. The outstanding candidates will be selected by the MBA Talent judges to receive attractive scholarships:

  • The 1st winner of the contest will receive a 100% scholarship worth 14,400USD for Western Sydney MBA program in Vietnam
  • The two Runner-up of the contest will receive a scholarship of 50% of the MBA program
  • Especially, in this year, talented contestants who pass the second and third round of the program will have many opportunities to receive 30-50% scholarships from Western Sydney University.

An MBA program is not only a footstep that helps you advance in your career with its vast knowledge, but also helps you to be more steady with a dynamic and effective international learning environment. Don’t hesitate to register for the MBA Talent compeitition, an Australian Master’s degree is in your hand right now!

Competition details refer to mbatalent.edu.vn or Fanpage @MBATalentVN.

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