Phong Truong

Anh Trương Quốc Phong

Factory Director, PNJ
MBA Talent, Class of 2022

Taking on the significant responsibility of Factory Director, Mr Phong Truong faces numerous challenges in operations and management. To equip himself with the necessary knowledge and skills to overcome these obstacles, he has decided to enrol in the MBA Talent program.

In the following article, we will explore Mr Phong Truong’s journey through the MBA Talent program.

What led you to embark on the MBA Talent journey?

Having dedicated a decade to cultivating my professional experience, I concluded that an MBA program would be the ideal path to further advancement.
At PNJ, the insights shared by the company’s leadership made me realize the immense value of pursuing an MBA for career advancement and even personal development. Additionally, my former colleague, who is an MBA Talent alumnus, gave me confidence in the program. This motivated me to pursue the MBA Talent journey.

What specific objectives did you establish for yourself prior to enrolling on the MBA Talent program?

For me, the key goal is to broaden my knowledge and enhance my skills to tackle real-world business challenges.

Moreover, I expect to build a high-quality network with fellow learners at MBA Talent, laying the groundwork to support each other’s development in learning, work and future career paths.

What did you find most interesting about the scholarship interview process?

The selection process at MBA Talent was an unforgettable and challenging journey, consisting of multiple rounds that evoked various emotions within me. Each round demanded significant effort and courage from the candidates. Throughout the journey, I was fortunate to connect with enthusiastic mentors and talented peers. They shared study tips and preparation experiences, helping me bolster my confidence and determination to pursue the MBA Talent scholarship.

I was particularly impressed by the challenges in the MBA Talent Final Selection Round. This stage challenged candidates to engage in debates on diverse topics, presenting their well-reasoned arguments and perspectives. Additionally, candidates needed to persuade the Board of Committee regarding the validity of their viewpoints. This required keenness, logical thinking and effective persuasion skills.

What was the biggest challenge you had to face during your participation in MBA Talent? How did you overcome those challenges?

For me, MBA Talent truly was a journey filled with challenges. The program demanded a delicate balancing act between my academic pursuits, professional commitments, and personal life.

This was further compounded by my role, alongside the responsibilities of raising two young children. It is worth noting that my wife is also concurrently engaged in her own educational endeavors.

Identifying the biggest challenge as the limited time available, I embarked on a journey to refine my time management skills, adopting a more scientific and efficient approach. Especially, I prioritized dedicating weekends to spend time with my children for studying and leisure activities.

Furthermore, I also shared my intention to pursue an MBA and the difficulties of making this decision with my family, especially with my children. Fortunately, I received understanding and support from them, which has been my greatest source of encouragement.

What was one impressive experience you had at MBA Talent?

I was truly amazed by the experiences MBA Talent brought. One particularly impactful experience during my MBA Talent journey was the opportunity to interact directly with industry-leading experts across diverse fields: Retail, Marketing, Production, Finance, etc.

In direct meetings with the expert team, I had the opportunity to absorb knowledge about real market situations, economic trends and so on. From there, I could apply this diverse knowledge in my learning process and make better decisions in practical work.

Do you have any advice for future generations of MBA Talent?

First and foremost, commit yourself wholeheartedly to successfully navigating the program’s selection rounds. Additionally, it’s essential to prioritize cultivating a robust foundation of both physical and mental well-being to overcome the myriad challenges and obstacles presented by the program.

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The MBA Talent class of 2024 will conduct the candidate selection round from: 12/2023 – 04/2024

Deadline for CV submission: 05/04/2024

Candidates will participate in the Selection Rounds from: 04/2024 – 05/2024

Enrollment: 07/2024