Trang Tran

Chị Trần Thị Xuân Trang - Câu chuyện học MBA

Marketing Manager, Nestlé Vietnam
MBA Talent, Class of 2022

Since holding her Bachelor’s degree, Ms Trang Tran, Marketing Manager at Nestlé Vietnam, has nurtured the aspiration to pursue an MBA program. She believed in choosing the MBA Talent program as leverage to propel her career journey.

In her role at Nestlé Vietnam, Ms. Trang is primarily focused on researching customer needs and aligning product development strategies accordingly.

Moreover, she oversees the planning and implementation of marketing campaigns aimed at targeting the appropriate audience segments, thus enhancing product awareness and fostering consumer preference.

Dive into Ms. Trang’s MBA Talent learning odyssey, brimming with challenges yet equally captivating, right below!

The serendipity that brought you to the MBA Talent program?

Having completed my Bachelor’s in Business Administration program, I had a longstanding plan to gain practical experience before embarking on an MBA journey to enhance my skills and achieve long-term goals.

Learning about the MBA Talent scholarship program through the collaboration between Nestlé Vietnam and ISB was a pivotal moment for me. After gathering information from various media channels, websites, and insights from former MBA Talent alumni, I realized that the program perfectly aligned with my personal needs and aspirations. Consequently, I decided to apply for the program.

Your experience throughout the three selection rounds of the MBA Talent program?

I was genuinely impressed by the way ISB organized the three captivating selection rounds for the MBA Talent program.

During the first round (Selection Round 1), we participated in group discussions and submitted personal essays. In just three short days, I had to dedicate 100% of my energy to engaging in discussions, filming and crafting personal essays to meet the challenge.

In the second round (Selection Round 2), I had the chance to interview with HR Directors. This experience provided me with a memorable opportunity to interact, converse and engage with top experts in the field of human resources.

In the third round (Final Selection Round), we were randomly assigned to groups, prepared our presentations and delivered them to the panel of judges. In my view, this was a golden opportunity to showcase both my strengths and the content of our presentation, demonstrating competence and readiness for the forthcoming MBA journey.

What are your impressions of the professors and your fellow students in the MBA Talent program?

During my time at MBA Talent, I had the privilege of engaging with a distinguished group of lecturers renowned for their expertise and teaching experience. Moreover, I had the opportunity to network with a diverse cohort of classmates, each bringing valuable insights from their respective fields and industries.

Interacting with such accomplished peers served as a driving force for me, igniting my motivation and fostering a deeper exploration of both the program curriculum and real-world practices.

Overall, participating in MBA Talent was a wise decision for me.

How did MBA Talent challenge you? What motivated you to overcome these challenges?

For me, the MBA Talent program posed two significant challenges: time management and balancing family commitments.

Like my fellow classmates, I juggled a demanding job with my studies. After long, exhausting workdays, I had to transition to studying, researching, completing assignments and preparing for exams at MBA Talent.

During this period, managing my time effectively became paramount. I needed to ensure I met my work obligations, prioritized my personal well-being and dedicated time to my family.

In addition to work and study, I also had to carve out time for my family, including my two young children. This required careful scheduling to provide support with their studies while spending quality time together.

My main motivation stemmed from the unwavering support of my family and my desire to set a positive example for my children, encouraging them to pursue their own learning and personal growth. These two sources of motivation kept me focused and enabled me to overcome any obstacles encountered during my MBA journey.

Reflecting on these challenges, I realized they provided invaluable lessons in effective time management.

What values have you gained during the challenging journey of MBA Talent?

The courses offered by MBA Talent have offered me a broad spectrum of valuable business experiences. Firstly, the program has honed my ability to think critically from multiple perspectives, shifting from a singular viewpoint to comprehending and assessing business matters from diverse angles: including those of consumers, businesses, and the economic landscapes of Vietnam and beyond.

Moreover, through these courses, MBA Talent has notably bolstered my teamwork abilities. Each course necessitated collaboration within randomly assigned groups, where each member brought unique expertise and backgrounds to the table. This collaborative process toward achieving shared objectives has markedly enhanced my teamwork proficiencies.

Finally, what message do you want to send to the MBA Talent students of the next cohort?

First and foremost, congratulations to all of you who are on the brink of joining the MBA Talent program. You’re stepping into a journey that’s both thrilling and demanding.

I believe that preparing mentally and physically is extremely important. Make sure you have enough energy to balance studying and working, while also maintaining a balance with family life and external concerns.

Furthermore, be open-minded and willing to embrace new perspectives, challenge your previous knowledge, and acquire new knowledge to build a foundation for your career development in the future.

Wishing you all success and enjoy this meaningful journey!

MBA Talent

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The MBA Talent class of 2024 will conduct the candidate selection round from: 12/2023 – 04/2024

Deadline for CV submission: 05/04/2024

Candidates will participate in the Selection Rounds from: 04/2024 – 05/2024

Enrollment: 07/2024